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Our team of professional cleaners, painters and maintenance operators can review your objectives and advise the best way forward to meet them.

We listen to your business requirements and analyse the best approach, products and packages to tailor a solution for your company. Using industry best practice standards, we look at strategies to improve your work environment to ensure an optimal environment for your staff and customers.


Our team’s approach is grounded in over 20 years’ experience in managing specialist operations in a range of building types and work environments. We have a strong competitive reputation, a team with a professional attitude and we have learned to pay attention to detail with client requirements.

We keep up with new technologies and products, testing them prior to release and analyse their application in work environments for the best fit. We put together comprehensive plans to meet your requirements and package our services, tailored to your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

About Us

We are a company that started its business almost 20 years ago. Now we have reached in almost every big or small city of Australia. By the sheer untiring effort we started to win our clients’ hearts. We worked upon one dimensional agenda to turn our customers into our repeated customers.


We are responsive and we’re here to help you take advantage of the knowledge and professionalism we have built over the past 20 years. We are specialist operators in:

  • abseiling services for maintenance of hard to reach areas
  • removal of graffiti, and can mobilise at any time day or night as the situation requires
  • flood restoration processes, and
  • strip and seal processes


Our team are highly trained, not only in facilities management services, but also in knowing and applying safe processes within work environments. We are accredited in ISO 90001 Quality Standard and manage our work to:

  • ISO 14001 Environment Management Standard
  • ISO 4801 Workplace Health and Safety Standard

We use MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) to inform us and you of the risks. Our staff are police cleared.

We are locals, Australian owned and supervision is made by director.

Ultimate Facility Services